Welcome to Banissy Lab. We are an affective science and individual differences research group that conducts cross-disciplinary research on human social connection and it’s impact on daily life.

We seek to advance our understanding of how human affection, empathy, and compassion contribute to the formation of healthy, supportive relationships. Our goal is to understand how these processes take place, and the extent to which they contribute to social connections that we have with different people that we interact with – at home, at work, at school, in our neighbourhood, and so on.

We research how our social behaviours and social connections contribute to our happiness, health, and wellbeing. We also believe that to truly understand the social mind we need to not only understand what happens in most people, but also the ways in which we all vary from each other. We therefore closely study individual differences, and are lucky to be able to work collaboratively with people that have diverse social experiences and backgrounds.